fi|nal1 W1S1 [ˈfaınəl] adj
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: Latin finalis, from finis 'end']
1.) [only before noun]
last in a series of actions, events, parts of a story etc
The final episode will be shown tonight.
students preparing for their final examinations
Stone is filming the final instalment of his Vietnam trilogy.
the final stages in their relationship
They scored in the final minutes of the game.
The final whistle (=blown at the end of a game) was only seconds away when Redknapp equalised.
final demand
BrE (=the last bill you receive for money you owe before court action is taken against you)
2.) [only before noun]
being the result at the end of a process
the quality of the final product
Does anyone know the final score?
final result/outcome
I do not know what the final outcome will be.
3.) if a decision, offer, answer etc is final, it cannot or will not be changed
The judge's decision is final .
final decision/say/approval etc
We can advise the client, but in the end it is he who has the final say .
Is that your final answer ?
and that's final!
(=used to say forcefully that you will not change your decision)
She's not coming with us, and that's final!
4.) [only before noun]
happening at or near the end of an event or process
In the final years of his life, Hervey achieved high office in the church.
5.) used to emphasize that the last thing in a series of events is very severe or damaging
final indignity/humiliation
The vote of no confidence was the final humiliation for a government that had been clinging to office.
in the final analysis atanalysis
final 2
final2 n
1.) the last and most important game, race, or set of games in a competition
be through to/reach the final
He's through to the men's tennis final for the first time.
the finals
(=the last few games or races in a competition)
the NBA finals
2.) finals [plural] BrE
the set of examinations that students take at the end of their time at university
= final exams
sit/take your finals
Anna sat her finals last summer.
3.) AmE an important test that you take at the end of a particular class in high school or college

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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